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ABBA Trading & Collector Cards

Australian Bubblegum Trading Cards


Released in 1976 by Scanlens


72 cards in each set


Pink set & blue set


Both make a colour poster on the back when put together with a different picture for each set


These came with a stick of gum


Definitely the best cards produced

Australian Trading Cards and


Swedish Trading Cards


1000 cards in the set -

but not all ABBA cards  -  

other artists are also featured  -  

this is why no one has a complete set.


Smallest of all cards

Dutch Gum Trading Cards


50 in set but are not numbered and there is nothing on the back


These had a small piece of square gum in the packs

New Zealand Bubblegum Trading Cards


Same as the Australian release however they only had the blue set and the poster on the back is in black and white

Chu Bops Collector Series - USA


Miniature album covers with record shaped gum inside. The album to house the series was bought separately and had a space for each mini album sold. Voulez Vous was part of volume 1 and obviously Super Trouper was from a subsequent Volume. According to other sites there were quite a few Volumes but only 2 ABBA albums were included.

The mini album folds out and has the song lyrics.

Swedish Trading Cards

Spanish Trading Cards

Dutch Trading Cards

New Zealand Trading Cards

Spanish Trading Cards


I don't know anything about these - are there more ? Does anyone know ?

Chu Bops USA

Pics Added:  17 November 2012