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Swedish Trading Cards

Q.  How many cards in this set ?

A.  There are 1000 cards in this set. However, the set contains cards of hundreds of artists, not just ABBA. It was a 'POP' series - others artists include Olivia Newton John, Village People, John Travolta, Bob Marley - just to name a few. Actual ABBA cards in the set is 77 cards (TBC)

These cards are different to other sets also as they are very small - 4.5 x 7cm. They were

released in Sweden in 1978, so they were able to include many pictures from the 1977 Tour.

What a shame they aren't normal size ! And no bubblegum with these ones.

Some of the cards have 'Universaltryck Grafiska AB' written across the top while others do not.

New Zealand Trading Cards

Q.  Are these cards the same as the Australian cards ?

A.  Yes and no. There are 72 cards in the set as with the Australian ones and the pictures on the card fronts are the same. However, there is only a blue set - no pink set. Also, the poster that can be made from the picture on the back of the cards is black and white rather colour as the Australian ones are. The picture is the same as the back of the Australian pink set rather than the blue. This may be because the Australian blue set has a picture from the Australian TV Show 'Bandstand'. These cards were released by 'Playtime' in New Zealand and 'Scanlens' in Australia in 1976.

Album Cover Outfits

Q.  hello roxy! gerald from munich, my question: do you know anything about the clothes abba wore on the covers of their lps: super trouper,voulez-vous, the singles the first ten years; were they especially made for those sessions??? where are they now??? thanks so much for finding out for me!!! gerald

A.  Well this seems to be an impossible question to answer ! It is very possible the clothes were hired just for the sessions and then returned. If anyone has any further information, please let me know.

Dancing Queen Covers - Australia

Q.  My question to you is regarding a single (as per above subject) that Glen A Baker has stated on TV (an awfully long time ago)as being rarer than rockinghorse poo.It was because of the inverted or otherwise B on the single cover art that made this printing scarce. Can you shed any light on this urban myth for me please? I see you have both in your single collection.

A.  There are actually 3 versions of the Dancing Queen cover in Australia - all 3 are on the website. The first cover released has both B's facing the same way as you know. It was only after the initial release that ABBA officially turned the first B backwards. When this was done, of course they stopped producing the original cover and put out the new version. Then just after that, ABBA the name became a registered trademark so a third cover was then issued with the little registered symbol after the name. This all happened within the one year so of course the first release of the cover was only produced in a fairly small number. Contrary to most reports over the years though, it is not quite as rare as 'rockinghorse poo' ! LOL It is considered one of the rarer Australian singles covers but there were still a reasonable amount produced before the change. I couldn't tell you how many exactly, I'm not sure that anyone knows. I think years ago, before the Internet and mass communication, it was considered a lot more rare because no one really knew who had them. These days we know that quite a few are out there. However, it is still a rarity. The 3 covers together tell the evolution of the ABBA brand name. I think we would be the only country to have that. The value is not as high as has previously been quoted on TV when doing a story on an ABBA collector (I think they said $650 or some such nonsense) but it is worth more than the average Dancing Queen single.